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Victim Mentality by Meera Lester

The Universe or Source has already given each person everything she needs in the form of consciousness and universal laws to be the creator of her own destiny. Creative manifestation simply requires an individual claiming that which she desires. People who complain about their misfortunes or illnesses or lack bring more of that to themselves. They are victims of their own patterns of habitual negative thinking.

Work with your mind to make it a powerful instrument on which you know you can always depend. The mind, properly trained against its tendencies to fall into the same ruts of thought, the same lazy patterns of self-criticism, can be your most powerful ally in whatever undertaking strikes your fancy.

If you want to lose or gain weight, think beyond your eating patterns, physiology, and biochemistry and instead consider how your mind and the Law of Attraction could bring you down or up to your ideal weight.

Paramahansa Yogananda included a chapter in his book, The Divine Romance, about how he used to be extremely thin until his guru Sri Yukteswar changed his thinking, enabling him to be able to gain or lose according to his desire. In his book, Yogananda outlined how to think so that the mind will do it all without overlooking dietary laws.

Make Statements Resonate True for You

If you have a pattern of attracting unhealthy relationships but you make a desire declaration that you have healthy and loving relationships in your life, you won't attract such relationships because you know deep down that it isn't currently true for you. Focus on feeling and nurturing statements that can be spoken as true for you and focus on your desire as being in process and occurring right now: “I love that I am attracting …” or “I feel excited that I am …” or “I love the thought of ….”

You have formulated a clear desire. You feel fantastic every time you declare it. However, if you have doubt (the uncertainty that you can truly attract your desire to you), that doubt or limiting belief evokes a negative vibration and will cancel out the positive statement of your desire. Eliminate the doubt and rework your desire declaration until it rings true and makes you feel happy and excited.

Allow Manifestation to Occur

Perhaps the most important step in deliberate manifesting is the art of allowing something to come into your life. Believe that you deserve it and are worthy and ready to receive. Let your desire come in. In the twelve-step program there is an admonishment to “let go, and let God.” It's that simple. When you allow, you feel relief and other positive emotions.

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