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An Overview of Person-Centered, Recovery-Oriented Care: Numerous workshops and presentations have been designed to provide various groups an overview of what person-centeredness is and what a recovery-oriented system of care might look like. The primary focus is on behavioral health, but presentations have also addressed the use of person-centered planning in other settings.

Foundations of Person-Centeredness: Foundations of Person-Centeredness is planned to meet the learning needs of a wide array of people for information on person-centered planning in behavioral health. It has been arranged sequentially so that learners can build skills and knowledge as they move from one day to the next. Each day is a prerequisite for future training days that follow. Days one and two focus on the core values of person-centered practices, how these core values transform relationships between people, and practical tools for seeking a deeper understanding of an individual. Day three provides more training and practice with specific tools and plans for promoting person-centered outcomes. Days four and five focus on facilitating person-centered planning meetings. In January 2005, with support from NYS OMH, the Western New York Care Coordination Program convened a diverse group to organize this curriculum. The curriculum was modified from a 15-day curriculum developed by Carol Blessing and Associates to what is now a 5-day curriculum. Materials related to Foundations of Person-Centeredness were co-created with Carol Blessing.

Supervisory Training: Strategies for Implementing Person-Centered Practices: This workshop for supervisors was developed based on concepts from Foundations of Person-Centeredness. Supervisors who successfully complete the first few days of Foundations are eligible for this training which focuses on effective ways to lead staff through change, strategies to engage staff in person-centered and recovery-oriented care, new ideas to promote community integration, and creative ways to apply person-centered concepts in day to day program operations.

Providing Integrated, Person-centered Care Coordination for Individuals with Complex Needs: A workshop was specifically created for care coordinators who work with individuals with complex co-occurring physical and behavioral health conditions. This workshop builds on concepts and tools from Foundations of Person-centeredness. This workshop focuses on a care coordinator's direct role in maximizing health for individuals with whom they work, understanding key health risks and their direct impact on behavioral health conditions, and connecting a care coordinator's key job functions with methods of providing integrated care.

Health Home Care Management Training: Training is designed to prepare OMH Case Managers, OASAS MATS Case Managers, COBRA Case Managers and/or other types of case managers to deliver high quality, integrated care coordination services to New Yorkers who qualify for NYS Medicaid Health Home services.

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Other workshops and presentations can be specifically designed at your request.

Opportunities for Consultation

Consultation is available to counties, agencies and individuals who are committed to the development of integrated, person-centered and recovery-oriented care. For more information, please contact either Adele Gorges or Kathy Berthod at

Webinar Archive

  • October 1, 2010 - Person-Centered Recovery Planning and Medical Necessity with Neal Adams, MD, MPH
    Power Point Slides
  • December 3, 2010 - Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health: Measuring Key Cardiometabolic Indicators in Community Mental Health Centers with Daryl Sharp, PhD, PMHCNS-BS, NPP
    Power Point
  • January 21, 2011 - Applying Person-Centered Practices on Inpatient Psychiatric Units - Panel presentation with representatives from Rochester and Hutchings Psychiatric Centers
    Power Point RPC
    Power Point HPC


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