PICS: Amazing Art By Mentally Challenged Students In Faridabad

Faridabad 29 May 2014: We would like to introduce ourselves as ekSang a NGO providing vocational training to children with intellectually limitation. We have a multi-category vocational center for mentally challenged children(above 16yrs) and in addition we assist them in producing marketable products through the vocational skills they have acquired.
We also run a child guidance clinic which consists of psychiatrist, psychologist and non-invasive therapist providing a comprehensive assessment and guidance. They address the need of children undergoing special education, special teachers, vocational trainers and parents of special children.
The child’s mental condition is a limitation for them to be able to independently produce things. It is our key focus that we train our students in making marketable products. These finished products are always kept ready in our stock as we search for individuals and organizations to place orders.
We request you to consider this as an invitation for visiting our NGO.
Kind Regards
Rohit Dhingra

eksang-vocational school for special children is a joint venture of Bharat vikas parishad and district red cross society.
Started in july 2013
Beneficiaries: special children above 16yrs of age
Activity : vocational training only
USP : practically no other ngo or school accomodates children above 18 and provides vocational training. So apart fm first 18yrs of their life rest part goes in absence of formal education or training
Max occupancy: 75
Current strength: 20
Products made : office files, paper bags, diwali diya decorative items, ladies cosmetic collection, rakhi, pot designing, hand towels n napkin printing, souveniers for gifts
Child guidance clinic: has 2 sections
1. Parent counselling n regular workshops for their education by professionals. We meet them monthly n apart fm discussing about childs growth we discuss how best can parents improve their outlook towards their child and provide him a better environment.
2. For child:-a regular schedule d visit by psychatrist n psychologist for their progress analysis n guidance.
Professionals fm d field of accupressure n yoga visiting us everyday for their treatment.
Dance classes 3 times a week
Music n sports part of curriculum
Outreach activities: puting up stalls at various location of public gathering like market places, faridabad marathon eyc for advocacy n sales.
With ngo woking on similar issue: organize capacity building workshops for staff. We liason with them and offer free cobsultations via experts. In nutshell learn fm each others experience.

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