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I'm 18 years old and I suffer pretty servely from OCD.

Recently after just over a year of not having "intrusive thoughts", it started again at its worst attack in my life.
People dont realise how bad OCD actually is when its serve.

First, let me tell you about my experience with OCD.

My OCD hits me in stages, I could be without OCD for 3 months, 6 months or for my longest period 12 months, which is very lucky.
My OCD during this time I can cope ordinarly without anybody having the slightest clue I have a "Mental Illness", and let me tell you people. SERVE OCD IS A SERIOUS ISSUE.

I dont agree with these attacks on people with a difference they call "mental". Theres never been any evidence to show its a chemical in the brain that develops these types of issues. Doctors, Professors use assumptions to say its this, much like people having faith in god.

My OCD started from I was small, about 6 years old which from the research I've done is at its early average.

I made this thread to tell my story and why I feel OCD is highly underated and most people dont realise what OCD actually is.

Firstly, we must understand that serve OCD is MENTAL TORTURE, its worse than any physical pain you can feel.

I'd rather be stabbed to death than feel I was a pedofile and have to spend the next hour contemplating if weather I'm the worst kind of person on the face of this earth.

My main issue with OCD which makes it so serve in my case is.
The "Intrusive Thoughts" that occur all the time during my "bad" time of every few months. These intrusive thoughts are thoughts that make me out to be immoral and wrong in the worst case possable.

A frequent example of one of my thoughts is.

"I saw a small child on television, then felt I liked it in a sexual way." I dont feel this at all, but my OCD trys to make me think I did and its horrible. I would then have to spend the next few hours contemplating weather I'm sick in the head or not, or if I did like it.

I dont like this fake steotype of OCD where its people just washing their hands a lot. I wash my hands a lot, but believe me thats very light to what OCD can actually be. I'd rather wash my hands every 5 minitues of every day for the rest of my life if these "Intrusive thoughts" would go away.

Ofcourse, when you contemplate weather your sick or not, it makes you feel depressed and lonely. Its not nice and this issue is an ever lasting issue. You can go on for ever while your defence mechanisms continue to break down.

I call my way to get rid of these thoughts or break them down, a "Defence Mechanism". Its some of the compulsions I use that are thoughts, to break down the obsessions and try to make them go a way.

OCD is on the scale with Skitofrenia and Bipolar when its at its worst point. OCD is self torture, it doesnt effect anybody else.

This is the first time I've posted or spoke to anybody online discussing "OCD", I hope many people with serve OCD are also here, I would like to talk with them very much about how they deal with it.

But yeah, the worst part of OCD I have experienced is Intrusive thoughts when their at a moral standpoint.

I said before, I havent had OCD for over 1 year, which is true. Not only did I not have OCD for 1 year but I also worked in Greece for 3 months and started a Performing Arts course at college. This is how far I developed from going from confident to inconfident. Everytime OCD Comes back is seriously effects my confience.

I love acting and so******ing, but this time I just dont know weather I'm ever going to cope with it properly

Thanks for reading, I'll be waiting on your responces and weather you think OCD is underated.

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