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Helping Perth families with comprehensive counselling services.

WestHealth Psychology provide a comprehensive range of counselling services to help people of all ages address issues that are effecting their emotional and mental health.

We provide support for difficulties in coping with everyday situations, stressful life events, mental health difficulties, adjusting to medical issues, behavioural problems and more.

How long does it take for counselling services to work?

Some problems resolve quickly in just a few sessions, whereas other problems require a longer approach.  Significant gains can often be made within 8 to12 sessions, but for more complex issues the treatment may take much longer. Whatever the case, you are free to end the sessions at any time if you wish.

Mt Lawley Counselling Centre: Counselling in Perth, Western Australia

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There are no quick fixes when working on emotional issues and this can be a disappointing discovery and some things are beyond our control and cannot be changed. Despite this, it is possible to learn to live more comfortably with yourself, and to make the most of what can be changed with the encouragement and feedback from another person (like a clinical psychologist), who is familiar with your history and your situation.

We are located in Wembley, a convenient location for clients in West Perth, North Perth and surrounding suburbs.

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About Us First Steps has a 50-year history of providing individualized education, child development, and therapy to children in the Nashville community, including those who have been turned away from other programs due to the severity of their health issues, medical needs or limited resources.

Dangerous Minds / Insane System

From Bruce Williams' journal | Click or tap on a quote to see the original page in Williams' handwriting. Note: Some profane language has been obscured by The Pilot. "If only I can get the pain to go away and have Normal thoughts and feelings" [See journal] Close Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses made Bruce Williams eligible for one of Effingham Plaza’s apartments.

ABC of mental health: Common mental health problems in primary care

T K J Craig, A P Boardman The size of the problem Psychiatric symptoms are common in the general population: worry, tiredness, and sleepless nights affect more than half of adults at some time, while as many as one person in seven experiences some form of diagnosable neurotic disorder.