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Program Overview

  • Corrections Program (Pogue Rehabilitation Center) - provides residents with the following case management and chemical dependency services.
  • ODADAS Certified, Addictive Cycle, Denial, Personal Recovery and 12 Steps, Relapse Prevention, Networking, Interviewing Skills, Anger Management, Grief, Life Histories, HIV/AIDS and Recovery, Job searching skills, Resume and job application preparation, Budgeting
  • Transitional Control (Dayton) - Employment/educational program allowing residents to work or attend school on a full-time basis. Participation in substance abuse counseling as needed.
  • Sex Offender Program (New Life) - A 6 month program with a goal to eliminate sexual offending. A psychiatrist assesses residents. In addition, residents are given polygraph testing to monitor their progress in treatment. The program provides the following:
  • Relapse Prevention, Chemical Dependency treatment, Victim Empathy, 12 Steps. Mental Health Transition Program (formerly SAMI) (ReNew) - A program designed to treat residents who are mentally ill and have substance abuse issues. Residents are provided a psychiatric evaluation and medication management. In addition residents receive individual and group sessions by clinicians. The length of the program has been shortened since changing to Mental Health Transition. Offenders will be transitioned to the community sooner. The following services are provided to residents of the ReNew program:
  • Substance Abuse, Relapse Prevention, Psychoeducation, Meditation, 12 Steps, Social Skills, Stress Management.


Updated February 05, 2010. Often, the same conditions that cause deafness may also cause intellectual disability. The rubella that caused my deafness is one of them.

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

I have been working at Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health full-time (more than 10 years) Pros Great benefits; long-term financial stability; finances have been managed well - no lay-offs through the recession; opportunity to move between programs and Departments every few years; you can find those precious few who are dedicated and competent.