Goalkeeper Training: How to Get Over Fear of Diving and Weakside

Hey keepers! A lot of goalkeepers and subscribers have been asking me for a video to help them overcome their fear of diving or the mental block/obstacle some keepers have when it comes to diving on their weakside.

I Appreciate Your Book (From Lori, Esq.)

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your book - I bought it yesterday, read it all night, with a highlighter, crying. My breast cancer was diagnosed on October 12, 2006, so about 2 and 1/2 years ago, at the age of 44.

T Dementia Therapy

Participating in Activities…is it Dementia Therapy? The Alzheimer research described below tells us YES – using appropriate dementia activities is a successful therapy for patients with Alzheimer's and other types of  dementia; it can be more effective than medications.

Phoenix police officer in shooting of Michelle Cusseaux named as Sgt. Percy Dupra

Phoenix police officer in shooting of Michelle Cusseaux named as Sgt. Percy Dupra WEST PHOENIX - Phoenix police have identified the officer that shot and killed a 50-year-old mentally ill woman last week .

Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health Workshops I am available to do tailored workshop presentations at your school or organisation about mental health and adolescents/young people. These workshops can be used to inform young people, teachers, social workers, parents and other carers.

The Loop

Thursday,03/20/2014, 3:49 AM By Ryan Herrington We're all for the entertainment that arises when gathering with your buddies after a round, adding up your scores and figuring out who beat who in the myriad of games that were being played.

Stop The Abuse of Mental Health Patients in NSW Hospitals

Petition richtet sich an Independent Commission Against Corruption und an 3 mehr Diese Petition wird versendet an: Independent Commission Against Corruption Minister for Health NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner Minister for Mental Health Services Hon Kevin Humphries (Minister for Mental Health Services) office@premier.

Health > Quizzes

How healthy are you? You eat your three serves of vegetables every day and wear sunscreen at the beach, but does that mean you're the picture of health? "People are more health conscious today than they were 10 years ago," says Dr Craig Hassed from Monash University.

The effects of mental training

The effects of mental training and the developement of a proper combat mindset - An article by Ole Boe*   Why do military special units, law enforcement units, top athletes, and KMG top instructors and practitioners use mental training?

Daniel Eakins-Veras Counselling Psychologist

Daniel Eakins-Veras is the director of Transformative Psychological Services. He holds registration with the New Zealand Psychologists Board as a Counselling Psychologist, a Masters of Counselling Psychology from The University of St.

Young Magician School

Julian's Young Magician School So Much More Than Just Magic Tricks.... Are you too scared to perform magic tricks? Julian's young magician school can help you. Most people feel really nervous about standing in front of an audience and just talking let alone doing card tricks, rope tricks and money tricks where everyone is watching you VERY closely.

Eat well during exams

Eat well during exams Exam season is on and every parent will want to help their children stay physically and mentally healthy through out this time. There is no doubt about it - exams really are exhausting.

Helping Someone with Depression

Is someone you care about depressed? Knowing the symptoms are a good step towards helping someone with depression. Watch this for tips. Transcript: Nearly 19 million Americans are affected by depression annually, so if you have a loved one suffering.

Five Reasons Why Failipino Pride Will Not Help the Philippines!

If there's anything any enlightened Pinoy or Filipino knows is that the value of Pinoy Pride will NEVER help the Philippines.  Pinoy pride or maybe better called FLIPFAG/Failipino pride is one of the biggest reasons why the Philippines can become the Failipines.

West of Home, South of Sanity

5 facts about Nick: he loves NASCAR he will hug you he screams - ALOT he fixes mac-n-cheese he is severely mentally retarded (MR) Nick is my daily challenge. Some days he wakes up and is as happy as a hermit crab being released back into his ocean, and we sail through with smiles.