Charity focuses on mental health at bigger centre

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Activist group Mothers Against Police Brutality slams shooting of mentally ill man

Police were still on the scene hours after officers shot an armed man in Red Bird. The activist Dallas group Mothers Against Police Brutality slammed officers’ fatal shooting of a mentally ill man during the weekend.

About the

We offer a wide range of service partnerships through our community hub approach which provides more coordinated and complete support for our clients. Canadian Mental Health Association Provide staff from Central Intake team who will assess individuals who have mental health issues in order to support their referral to the appropriate CMHA and/or community service.

John Brogden recognised for commitment to mental health issues

John Brogden recognised for commitment to mental health issues John Brogden - AM Commitment to life: John Brogden. Photo: Andrew Quilty On a desperate night in August 2005, the then leader of the NSW Liberal Party, John Brogden, wanted to die.

OCPD - Scattered Thoughts from the Front Lines

Who woulda thunk that talking about race, politics, and religion would be the easy conversations? Well, as far as race goes - whatever race (or combination of races) you are, that's what you are .

Mentally challenged

MENTALLY CHALLENGED, otherwise known as Mentally retarded, mental retardism, PWN and other such titles, occurred when idiotic dudes couldn't decide what part of the Universe they wanted to be in, or their affiliations within the Clone Wars .

Healing With Mental Power (English)

Add Another Item Add Another Item Add Another Item Add Another Item Compare You can't compare with the above items. ( Clear all items in the Compare list ) Healing With Mental Power (English) (Paperback) Paperback Author: Theron Q Dumont Language: English Length: 241 pages Publisher: Indigo Books MRP: Rs.

10 Ways to Stay Sane in a Horrible

Is your job making you crazy? Spending 40+ hours per week in a stressful work environment can take a serious toll on both your mental and physical health. Job stress has been linked to conditions including anxiety, depression, ulcers, obesity, chronic back pain, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Social media and its impact on health and wellbeing

STATUS CONCERNS Know someone who posts that they're not doing well or aren't happy? This might be their way of reaching out for help. Psychologist Victoria Kasunic suggests checking in with them on a more personal level.

Psychiatric hospital workshop to close

A sheltered workshop at Regional Mental Health Care, St. Thomas with about 80 clients is to be closed after St. Joseph's Health Care on Tuesday announced it would eliminate 59 jobs in London and St.

Tha Lyrical Diva

Can You Stimulate My Mind? (Female Version) Can you stimulate my mind, seducing me with countless hours of intellect foreplay? A s we lay next to the fireplace making love with just words yeah that’s my mental drug.

Mental Toughness is an Essential Component to Tennis Success

Mental Toughness is an Essential Component to Tennis Success July 6th, 2012 Administrator Do you know the characteristics of a mentally strong player? One, typically, they could concentrate and focus well.

Psychiatric Emergencies

Psychiatric Emergencies: In the last decade emergency departments have seen a dramatic rise in the presentations for mental health related issues. In 2007 3.2% of presentations to emergency departments were mental health related, this is over 190 000 presentations.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Issues On College Campuses: Prevention, Treatment & Support

Overview: Substance abuse has had a long-standing presence on college campuses nationwide and continues to be a difficult problem to solve. Adjusting to campus life is challenging and stressful for many students.

Over-qualified immigrants at risk of poorer mental health

Many recent immigrants end up in jobs for which they are over-qualified, putting them at risk of poorer mental health within a relatively short period of time, according to a recent study from the Institute for Work Health.