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We offer a wide range of service partnerships through our community hub approach which provides more coordinated and complete support for our clients.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Provide staff from Central Intake team who will assess individuals who have mental health issues in order to support their referral to the appropriate CMHA and/or community service. Provide Telemedicine program used to provide individuals with improved access to medical services by decreasing their travel time to see their physician. This is a secure service done through real time audio video. This service is open to the general public, including clients with mental health issues as well as those without a history of mental health.

Children’s Aid Society

Provide case management services including determining eligibility to receive child protection services, investigating allegations that a child may be in need of protection, providing longer term protection services to identified families, and ensuring provision of quality service to children in the care of the Society. Assess and monitor the physical and developmental condition of a child. To assess the care taking skills of the parents and assist parents through teaching, counselling, and goal setting. To provide consultation and intervention in specific high-risk situations. To enrich service delivery to young children. To assist child protection staff in the assessment of high-risk infants.

Community Legal Clinic of York Region

Help tenants who are facing eviction or homelessness. Tenant Duty Counsel provides summary advice to tenants at Landlord and Tenant Board hearings. Support with Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program appeals.

Domestic Abuse Sexual Assault Care Centre

Provide medical forensic services 24/7 at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital (Emergency Department) for youth (over 12) and adults recently assaulted by a current or past intimate partner or anyone recently sexually assaulted. Injuries can be documented, treated, risk assessment and safety planning offered. Medical interventions post sexual assault also offered. Trauma-focused therapy/counseling and psycho-education support groups available. Non-urgent cases by appointment via the staff at YRCCS during regular business hours.

Domestic Violence Crown Attorney

Provide an Assistant Crown Attorney to meet with domestic abuse victims after charges have been laid in order to provide professional support /information regarding the Criminal Justice System. Interact with a specialized team of personnel including police officers, Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) staff, and community agencies. Work with other participants to prioritize the safety and needs of domestic abuse victims and their children.

York Support Services Network

I have a serious mental illness and I need help connecting to services to support
... I need to access mental health supports and services in York Region or South


Family Services York Region

Facilitate Challenge of Anger, a twelve week program for women focused on understanding anger, the underlying emotions and triggers for Women and learning new skills to constructively manage anger.
Facilitate Expressive Arts an 8 week program designed to increase self-esteem, self-awareness, assertiveness and empowerment Support Group Discussions may involve healthy relationships, boundaries, self-esteem, and taking control of your anger. This group uses art materials and creative art techniques to explore these issues in a safe and supportive environment.

Legal Aid Ontario

Provide legal assistance for low-income people. Services will include: legal representation for eligible clients who appear in court without a lawyer; legal aid applications and information over the phone; legal resources and referrals to other social service agencies; and a certificate program for complex and serious cases.

Moving Forward Foundation

Offer the Next Step program to both male and female residents of York Region. Interest free loans can be used in combination for such things as rent, utilities, furniture, moving expenses and other hidden cost associated with starting over. All clients are referred to the program through an existing agency in York Region. The interest free micro loans is provided to individuals and families that are at risk residents, low income and vulnerable as they rebuild or gain control of their lives in York Region.

Sandgate Women’s Shelter of York Region

Deliver Transitional Housing and Support Program – assist women who have left their abusive partners make the transition to live violence free lives, housing support, Legal Aid information and community service referrals. Deliver Let’s Talk Child Witness Program – helps children understand the cycle of abuse and deal with their feelings as witnesses to violence, provides children with a safe and supportive environment where they can talk about their experiences and participate in a variety of activities aimed at assisting them to work through their feelings. For children between the ages of 4-15 and is ten weeks in duration (one session per week).

South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario

Provide advice, brief services, and/or legal representation in a various areas of poverty law, including immigration and family law in conjunction with Legal Aid Ontario (Newmarket).

Victim Services of York Region

Provide interventions, attend at a crime scene, police station, hospital or home for interventions, telephone follow-up assistance and community referrals are provided to victims of crime, 24 hour telephone assistance to persons victimized by crime or tragic circumstance, and administer Victim Quick Response Program (financial assistance for victims of crime). Victim Response Teams are on call 24/7 to York Regional Police and Ontario Provincial Police in York Region for on-scene.

Victim Witness Assistance Program

Provide information about the status of a case such as when the client has to appear, conditions of bail or probation, and whether the accused was found guilty. Provide information about the criminal justice process and role as a victim/witness, where possible, accompaniment to the trial for support, tour of the courtroom to familiarize client with the setting and the roles of those in court, assisting the return of your property which was used as evidence and information about victim impact statements.

Women’s Centre of York Region

Service Provided: Financial Literacy Program – Helps women take a closer look at their spending habits and empowers women in the area of personal finances.  This six month program includes six group sessions and individual financial coaching covering topics such as savings, debt management, budgeting, how to cope with financial stress, credit and credit reporting to name but a few.

Yellowbrick House

Deliver Legal and Court Support Program and Referral Service and assistance with all legal matters and review of legal options. Provide explanation of the family and criminal court process, legal terminology. Counsellors will liaise with lawyers, police officers and crown attorneys on a woman’s behalf. Deliver When Love Hurts Women’s Support Group Program. Conducted in a confidential, safe, sharing and supportive environment over a period of ten weeks. Helps women understand the patterns of abuse, recognize how it affects their lives and explore ways to regain self-esteem and confidence.

YMCA Employment & Community Services

Deliver S.P.R.I.N.G. program, a pre-employment and life skills based workshops for unemployed or underemployed youth and adults with identified disabilities and health conditions. Individuals can be in receipt of EI, OW, ODSP, etc. The program includes one-on-one counseling, job placement, job training and retention support, workshops and follow-up.

York Regional Police

Integrated Domestic Violence Unit will work in partnerships with community agencies such as Victim Services of York Region and local shelters to support victims of domestic violence, identify cases as high-risk domestic incidents, improve offender management, enlist victim safety strategies and conduct successful prosecutions in court.

Multi-lingual Cultural Interpretation Services

Provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services in 200+ languages which may be scheduled in-person, video or telephone. Remote interpretation services will enhance communication; reduce the time in getting a language professional as well as the costs by using internet-based and telephone solutions. Provide sight translation of key documents, translation, audio/video transcription services, and orientation for clients.

Welcome Centre

Provide settlement services (in either individual or group settings) to help immigrants and their families deal with problems related to their adjustment, adaptation and integration in the community. In partnership with the client, Settlement Counsellors will help establish priorities, identify services required, assist with scheduling appointments, registering for appropriate programs and finding information.

John Howard Society

Partner Contact, in collaboration with the Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program, will typically maintain monthly telephone contact with past and/or current partner of each PAR participant to offer support, information and referrals to community resources.

Partner Contact can help clients: understand the dynamics of abuse; safety plan; access counselling services within and/or outside our agency; connect to community resources for information, support, legal rights, etc.; and become more aware of risk factors in the relationship.

AIDS Committee of York Region

AIDS Committee of York Region will work at the street level to identify and educate those engaging in high-risk behaviours, as HIV/AIDS impacts people deemed “at-risk” at a higher rate than the general population and partner with a variety of other agencies on an on-going basis to link people living with HIV/AIDS to services. In addition to service provision the agency will take on a number of initiatives to meet the education gaps among social service providers.


Mental Telepathy, Does it exist?

Mental Telepathy, Does it exist? Mental telepathy is loosely defined as the ability for two people to communicate over a distance without the use of verbal or visual communication.

Dunlop Shanghai Golden Grand Prix Joins Liu Xiang to Care about Mentally Challenged Children

Dunlop Shanghai Golden Grand Prix Joins Liu Xiang to Care about Mentally Challenged Children Updated: 2011-04-20   A short video clip is making the dream of mentally challenged Yin Hao, an 11-year-old boy in Shanghai with down syndrome, come true, to meet and race together with Chinese Olympic track gold medalist Liu Xiang in the track field.