Advice for Guys Who Wear Bras

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Brain networks underlying mental imagery of auditory and visual information

Research Report Brain networks underlying mental imagery of auditory and visual information Mikhail Zvyagintsev1,2,3,*, Benjamin Clemens2,4, Natalya Chechko1,3, Krystyna A.

Help-Seeking Among Young Adults

Approximately one in every four young adults—persons between the ages of 18 and 24—in developed countries worldwide meets criteria for a mental disorder with severe impairment across the lifetime, with the two most prevalent disorders being depression (12.

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee The Louisiana CIP/Children's Advocacy Resource Effort (CARE) Committee consists of individuals representing diverse yet collaboborative stakeholders all dedicated to improving the welfare of all children of Louisiana.

Combatting a stigma: Mental illness in a Jewish world

Combatting a stigma: Mental illness in a Jewish world Advertisement by Betty Jampel Special to NJJN January 1, 2009 “No human is expendable. If one is slighted or excluded, the whole of society is unfit.

Infant Mental Health an Unnecessary Tool

Infant Mental Health an Unnecessary Tool What exactly is infant mental health?  It is loosely defined as the healthy social and emotional development of a child from birth to three years old.

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Understanding the mental health needs of children with disabilities

This material is also available in a PDF format:  Disability and children's mental health [380KB] In Australia, most school-aged children with a disability (89%) attend a mainstream school.

Outside the Lines: FSU "mentally retarded" players

Studies have shown that environment has a ton to do with the development of children, intellectually, and academically. Lets face it... A) If you grow up in a suburb that is mostly middle class, with low crime, and traditional neighborhoods; good chance that the kids in that environment are going to be better prepared than someone who grow up in environment B.

Ask New York Not to Stigmatize Mental Illness With New Gun Legislation

Target: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Goal: Remove section of new gun law that requires mental health professionals to report patients to the authorities if they show any signs of danger to themselves or others Last month New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the first gun-control bill since the Newtown massacre, a tragedy that has spurred an intense national gun law discussion.