Let's stop saying "Mental Illness"

by David W. Oaks* How we can try to be more inclusive with our language in the mental health field? How can we show those who have been marginalized by psychiatric labels that we are listening and welcoming?

Magic Glossary

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The Peach State welcomes HIKE for Mental Health

Volunteer hike organizer MJ Bridges Georgia will show its HIKE for Mental Health orange in 2014, thanks to volunteer hike organizer MJ Bridges’s Raven Cliff Falls hike on June 7.

Why retirement can be bad for your health

16 May 2013 Last updated at 12:26 Why retirement can be bad for your health By Caroline Parkinson Health editor, BBC News website Loneliness is a key cause of mental health problems in retired people Retirement is often seen as a time when people can kick back and enjoy holidays or hobbies they haven't been able to indulge in during their working lives.

Lyric Sheet Telepathy

Posted by Aaron on January 15, 2010 / Labels: Demos, Lyrics Mental telepathy, telekinesis, Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, Dumbledore’s pensive, and the Vulcan mind-meld – all valid ways to transfer information between two brains without speaking.

Health and Social Care

Nadesha Reid - Health and Social Care When I came to Lewisham Southwark College I couldn't get straight on to the course I wanted to, because the qualifications I had from at home in Jamaica weren't transferable.

The Morgens Group

WHAT IS SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY? Sport Psychology is a discipline of psychology dedicated to the scientific study of people and psychological factors as applied to sports, as well as the influence sports have on the emotional and psychological well-being of athletes.

8 Surprising Health Woes of Getting Older

Aging: What Should You Expect? Aging is a fact of life, and with it comes certain senior health issues. Many people worry about cognitive decline and weaker bones, but there are other, lesser-known concerns, too.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall's Comeback Brandon Marshall's Comeback A version of this story appears in ESPN The Magazine's July 7 Comeback Issue. Subscribe today! BRANDON MARSHALL places a foot on the broken concrete ledge of the old schoolyard and hoists himself up.

HK Celebrity Moms Pose for Mental Health Charity Calendar

Hong Kong actress Jo Koo recently launched a mental health awareness charity campaign which saw 12 celebrity mothers who gave birth in 2012 posing for a 2013 calendar with their babies.